When it comes to choosing application development for your smart device, you may find yourself at a loss as of going for android is better or the iOS platform is right to choose? Maybe you ask this question from several people but still not getting the exact answer. Right? No need to worry now, just go through this blog and know which is better between two on technical aspects. If you want to compare these platforms as per market data, then hire Android App development service. Here, you will get to know the detailed information.

Let Us Compare iOS and Android on Technical Aspects:


  • Development Complexity

If you compare development complexity between two, then you will found that application development is quite complex in android than iOS. It is because Apple makes a lower number of devices as compared to android. iPod, iPhone, and iPad are the only few devices which are come under iOS. However, in android application development, the whole development process is fragmented because of several types of smartphones, tablets, devices, etc. Apart from it, there is a difference in aspect ratios, sizes of the screen, and operating system.

  • Development Time

Android application formation takes more time in the development rather than iOS. You can say Android application development thirty to forty percent is on average slower as a comparison to iOS. You can hire iPhone application development service if you want to develop a world-class application for your iPhone.

  • Development Cost

The estimation of cost between two is not easy to calculate. At a time, one has to consider both the factors that are its hardware and time taken in the development process. It may be estimated that Android development charges more cost as it takes more time in the formation of application. Generally, for its formation, Android Studio application is being used for making mobile application in android whereas Xcode is used for iOS apps. All the applications of iOS are formed with the help of Xcode which can run on the Mac. Hence, the investment in purchasing the iPhone, iPad, or Mac can notably add to development cost.

  • Used Programming languages

Both platforms are apparently different from each other as iOS applications used Swift Codes or Objective C language for programming. However, in making Android applications, Kotlin and Java programming language is used. Those companies who want to develop both these platforms, have to bear the additional costs. If you want to get less burden of cost in your head, then hire iPad application development service for business.

  • Publishing Process

iOS applications making looks easier to design but you may have heard of this fact that Apple goes through a strict and comprehensive approval process before publishing any applications to the play store. Whereas, in Android applications are easy to upload on Google Play Store. For that, you just have to pay for 25 dollars in one time. Apart from that if you can see more time will it take to do modifications and update in iOS platform whereas it is not so in Android. Once you published applications in the Google play store, then you can use it after a few hours. Anybody can easily perform beta testing in the applications and also update the applications.

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