The mobile application industry is consistently growing and so that at a very rapid pace. Every business owner is now striving to develop a mobile app for their online business. Emphasizing the application development is one of the excellent ways to earn profits as it allows delivering more personalized experience to the audience. However, undertaking this project for business is not as easy as it looks. You need to be very focused while choosing the platform and the right development approaches. Most of the entrepreneurs have started hiring mobile application development services from professionals to lessen their troubles.

There has been always a tough battle between both iOS and Android platforms. Both of these platforms have significant relevance in the present scenario. It offers lucrative advantages for the application development. In this blog, we are focusing on some areas that distinguish Android from iOS based on the react native approach. Before we begin anything it is imperative for you to know that the react native is considered the right development approach as it offers to modify the user interface of the application without any hassle.

Important Differences Between Android and iOS Based On React Native

Mobile operating system:

If you are developing the cross-platform application with react native approach it offers you access to some specific simulator iOS tools. These can be used for testing the application. On the other hand, if you are testing on windows platform then you have the option to use Android studio. The good thing about Android Studio is that it runs perfectly on macOS which makes it easier to test iOS applications.

Native application element:

When you are using elements from the library of react native then you should know that using the picker element generates different results than iOS and Android simulators. This happens when react native complies components of JavaScript. However, if you are considering the android platform then you can acquire Android App Development Services from the professionals.

The platform-specific design style element:

The react native makes it easier to build both the iOS and Android versions of the application as it has the ability to share codes. If you are working on the cross-platform project with react native technology, there is always a difference between style elements such as shadow that are considered important. You can hire the custom android application development services for this.

Linking third-party libraries:

With the react native cross-development, you can easily add the dependency. However, the use of these libraries also demands manual linking. At this point, it could be a little challenging to add the code for both Android and iOS. It is not something that can be done by anyone as it requires knowledge of different programming languages like Objective C and Java. You can take the Native Android App Development Service in the USA to hire professional mobile app developers for this task.


After going through these points you can easily evaluate everything. If you have any kind of doubts related to it then you can hire leading mobile app Development Company Qdexi Technology. Here you can meet experts for making a feature-filled mobile app for business on your preferred technology. Now stop waiting and get in touch with them!