Keyword research is not just regarding a keyword. It is related to questions and phrases the target audiences use to find the products, answers, and the services they require. These questions and phrases are an important part of a marketing campaign. Gathering data is very time-consuming and after you have done your keyword research you will get valuable information regarding the PR campaigns, paid advertising, competitive research, brainstorming sessions, content ideation, creating SEO strategies. SEO optimized keywords are highly important to a business and thus, businesses look for top-quality Search Engine Optimization Services.

Methods Of Keyword Research

The primary motive of keyword research is finding the keywords, which can rank in the SERPs. As you are in the top 10, you have higher chances to receive traffic to your website. Two methods of keyword research are used in the tools:

  • Traditional keyword research tools- You enter a keyword and get many keywords in return.
  • Competitor-based keyword research tools- Assess the keywords that competitors use for ranking.

Both methods have advantages and search engine optimization services consider both while researching the keywords.

Keywords Research Tools

There are plenty of tools you can use for gathering essential information.

Google Trends: Google Trends can help you notice the popularity of keywords and a great source to evaluate trends and seasonality in changes for particular keywords. The data is valuable as it can help to avoid jump on a trend and can allow you to see what can matter to Google users. Google Trends can give you related queries, which shall provide you additional ideas related to the content, keyword research, and marketing strategies.

SEMrush: It is an SEO tool, which supports traditional keyword research as well as competitor-based research. As it is a competitor-based tool, you have to search the competitors and see the keywords they rank for. It sorts the results according to traffic % because these keywords are likely to attract organic traffic.

Ahrefs: It is a complete SEO platform, which supports traditional as well as competitor keyword research. It provides a complete suite to an SEO research tool. It provides competitor-based research for a keyword through the Site Explorer tool.

QuestionDB: It is a huge platform used by millions for discussing issues they have, find solutions, and find answers they require. QuestionDB has a massive database depending on questions that are asked on Reddit, which assess relevance by a category and by a keyword.

Serpstat: It is an SEO tool known to have great features. Its entry-level pricing is affordable. It began in 2013 as one of the keyword research tools. It has four additional modules covering Site Audit, Competitor Analysis, Rank Tracking, and Backlink Analysis. You can filter queries and also download your data using Serpstat. It is a well-known provider of Search engine optimization services.


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