We all have witnessed that the world’s paradigm shifted entirely towards mobile devices in the past few years. Our dependence on mobile devices is constantly rising and this technology has even started dominating our lives. The availability of infinite applications has made everything possible. This clearly means that the trend of the mobile application is here to stay. The introduction of mobile applications has captured the attention of many businesses. Now everyone is thinking about taking mobile application development services.

As we know that there are two mobile platforms that are dominating the entire landscape; Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. More than 99% of mobile devices are running on these platforms. The companies who are willing to develop mobile applications often come across the challenge to choose the right approach for it. Most of them prefer going for the native android application development services which obviously the premium option. But in case you are wondering what other options are available for you then you should read this blog. Here we would introduce you to some of the alternatives for building cross-platform mobile applications.

Take a Look at These Alternatives for Mobile App Development

  • Ionic: This is one of the most widely recognized cross-platform frameworks that offers developers to build both Android and iOS applications. The Ionic is built and based on the top of Cordova. This gives it the ability to access various features of the device. It includes push notification, camera, geo-location, etc. The best feature of Ionic is that it gives developers numerous tools to manage the scale of their Ionic applications.
  •  Progressive web applications: Another popular option is Progressive web applications which tend to be faster, reliable and engaging for the users. These are known for delivering a great experience to the users. The progressive web applications are indexed and findable through search engines. It also supports native features such as push notifications and offline access. These kinds of web applications are popular for two of their key features. Whenever users have access to these kinds of applications, it would give them an option to add the web app on the home screen. All in all, you can say that web applications open doors for various opportunities in the future. For this, you can simply take web application development services
  • PhoneGap/Cordova: The PhoneGap is very similar to the Ionic. This alternative is also built on the Cordova. By using this option you can build a cross-platform mobile application with your preferred web technology. PhoneGap gives you the extensive third-party plugin library that allows you the integration of features like testing frameworks, mobile payment and much more. Plus, you can easily compile your application into both iOS and Android apps.


As we know that mobile applications are becoming more accessible today. Every business has already started leveraging this technology. Now you have also learned about the alternatives for developing your mobile app. This would help you make an informed decision for your business. However, this must be a challenge for you to find a reliable company for this task. Qdexi Technology is a well-recognized web development company that you can hire for this. The team of their expert mobile app developers creates a perfect app that matches the requirements of your business. So, stop thinking now and give them a call today!