In this present digital scenario, there are innumerable frameworks that can be used for developing the web portal. All these frameworks come with different functionality and features to help your online business get expended to a whole new level. Nevertheless, if would compare these frameworks, you would find that each one of them is different from the other.

As you know, PHP is the top server-side scripting language at the present time. It is the host of hundreds of useful frameworks. CakePHP and CodeIgniter are the two major frameworks of PHP. Determining the right option between CakePHP and CodeIgniter seems like an implausible task. Both of these are PHP-driven frameworks which include numerous plug-ins, tools, and bag of libraries. So, the question arises which one is best to use? Well, this blog would help you understand that. Here we would discuss the major difference between CakePHP and CodeIgniter so that you can choose the right one according to your purpose. However, if you want help from the professional consultants to make your decision then you can think of hiring CodeIgniter development services from Qdexi technology. Now, let’s take a look at the difference between these two.

Comparing CakePHP and CodeIgniter to Understand the Difference

Simplicity: If we talk about the simplicity of the framework then CodeIgniter wins this point. While using this framework the entire coding is done in the libraries. There is nothing hidden and anyone can have easy access to the things done in the CodeIgniter. On the other side, with CakePHP, the coding becomes simple and quicker but if the developer needs access to the information then they have to dig deeper. Otherwise, it could be really daunting for the developers to see how things have been done.

MVC (Model-view-controller): Both the CakePHP and CodeIgniter have MVC structure base. But the CodeIgniter allows you to develop the web portal without even using the MVC model. This makes the code unsecure and anyone can have access to add query without filtrations. In CakePHP, it is difficult to build the project without the model. You can consider hiring the CakePHP development services if you are planning on it.

Validation: For the MVC models the validation of data is necessary. If we talk about the CodeIgniter, it has a specific set of rules defined and it validates the entire data passes in the form of URL. It also automates the validation process as it displays the fixed error messages. In CakePHP, there single test for every variable and then it declares the results. If you are developing the simple application then CakePHP is best to use but it won’t work for the complex projects.

Layouts: With CakePHP, you can leverage the default layout where you can easily implement the footer, header, and sidebars. On the other side, the CodeIgniter develops layout using the direct approach. It also offers the caching mechanism to make the task easier.

As you can see the comparison, we can conclude that both these frameworks can be useful in many ways. It depends on the requirements of your web development project. However, if you have already decided to head on to either the CakePHP or CodeIgniter development, then you can approach the experts of Qdexi technology. They can provide you the best web development services right according to your needs. So do not wait and give them a call today.