CakePHP is a robust platform known for providing exceptional flexibility and ease to the developers for developing competitive web solutions. There are so many reasons why people consider using CakePHP development services. The huge number of immensely valuable and interesting features offered by this open-source PHP platform makes it superior among others.

We have talked a lot about the benefits of using CakePHP for developing websites and web applications. It comprises features such as support for multiple servers and platforms, better security, code reusability, support for databases like MySQL, XML support, and Oracle and multiple plugins to utilize. Today, we will be talking about the common mistakes that occur with the CakePHP development. Let’s get started!

Mistakes to Avoid with CakePHP Development for Better Performance

Ignoring Standards Are Critical

It is observed that ordinarily, the specialists tend to neglect the coding standards. The new trends keep coming to the industry and it is always important to stay updated with them. It can completely affect the quality of your CakePHP development if you have been using the old coding standards while neglecting the latest ones. The efficiency of the website or web portal will adversely get affected. Therefore, it is advised that you should always stick to the latest web development coding standards for better web development.

Evade Complicate Design – Try to make it Simple for the Users

The design of your CakePHP website should not be complicated. Integrate simple and accessible navigation features and try to keep everything organized agilely. If users will get confused they will hesitate to access your website and this will ultimately increase the bounce rate for your website. You can make use of web designing and development services offered by the professionals to give decent and simple design to your CakePHP website.

Do Not Stuff Features

Before putting your hands on any project, you must evaluate the requirements. If you have been planning to develop a CakePHP website then you should integrate the necessary features. Do not overstuff them as these unnecessary features will affect website’s performance. By understanding the requirements of the project initially, it will become a lot easier to manage everything. Begin the development process ensuring that you are combining only the needed features into it. The redundant features might also take extra loading time and this will result in your website performing badly.

Not Paying Attention to Testing and QA

You should not ignore testing at all. This helps in ensuring the quality of web solutions are being developed. There are many testing and QA methods available. If you want to be sure that your CakePHP website is devoid of any kind of errors and mistakes then testing is critical. This way you can find any kind of flaws in it. You can rectify them as soon as possible. You can hire web development services for performing testing and QA on your CakePHP website or web application.

Summing Up

The above-mentioned mistakes can hamper the performance of any CakePHP website and hence, should always be kept in mind and prevented during the development process.

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