To create a social media app, it is important to know that one of the prerequisites is the mobile application. The costs involved in an app are related mostly to the backend. Social media apps may be from scratch or it might be an add-on to the already existing website version. These apps are hugely popular because they give freedom to their users to share their dreams, thoughts, and achievements with the entire world. The social networking apps development service providers create apps and it is a leading direction of any IT industry. Users want to share, chat, and exchange ideas with others.

The Basic Features of Social Media Apps

All social media apps must have a unique feature that should make them stand out from their competitors still, there are a few basic functions that a social app must-have. The basic features that are provided by every social networking apps development service provider are as follows:

  • Feed
  • Social authorization
  • Post creation
  • Social notifications
  • Post likes
  • Search
  • User Profile
  • Analytics
  • Push notification module
  • Chat
  • CMS: Reported user management
  • CMS: User management
  • CMS: Admin management

Steps to Create a Social Media App

Create a strategy for social media

You have to study the competitive field, go through the requirements, and find out the key performance indicators. These will help you get a unique niche.

Design the workflow of the social network app

The design includes the following steps:


The basic outline of the app that will help to assess the logic of the project including the number of screens.


It is a vital step in the designing process because it helps in visualizing the structure of a social media app. This will give the structure view and the experience that end-users will get.


A prototype provides the customers and the developers a better understanding of any product. You can edit the idea easily before the coding.

Design App Skins

The wireframes are converted into social app designs.

Quality Assurance and Development

The design and development process run together. While the prototype of an app is complete databases, servers, and APIs are set up. Apps are built to meet technical requirements, platform standards, and user guidelines. At every development stage, the program is tested manually and automatically.

Test the app

After completing the app development, the app is ready for testing. It will ensure that there are no bugs and the user experiences are intuitive.

Marketing the App

The app is marketed by creating promotional materials such as video guides, screens, and a proper description of an app. These things help the social apps to stand out in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Track the quantitative metrics need for success on a social platform.

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