In the marketing field, the comparison between brand image and attention grabber is always a never-ending debatable topic. Marketers often get confused and could not choose between brand Images and attention grabber. This leads to the question, which one is better? When is the right time to use online marketing services to support the conservative approach? In the below post we will look after all these questions and try to find a suitable answer for each.

Brand Images Vs. Attention Grabbers

Brand Images


What is the Brand Image?

The brand image refers to the perception of the brand in the customer’s mind. In simple language, brand image is how a customer thinks about a particular brand. It is the aggregates of ideas, beliefs and impressions a customer have regarding the brand. The brand image can differ from customer to customer. Hence, creating a positive and consistent brand image is a challenging task for any business. Many website owners go for digital marketing solutions to create a clear-cut brand image in the competitive market.

Importance of Brand Images

Every company despite size and industry must have a strong brand image to fulfill their business goals. There are several advantages of brand images such as

  • It attracts new customers toward the business
  • It makes the introduction of new products much easier
  • Build a strong relationship among business and customers

A company with an unclear or bad image can struggle in the market and face problems while introducing new products and customers.


What is the Attention Grabbers?



Attention grabbers are the techniques to draw customer’s attention toward a business website. The common example of attention grabbers are billboards, TV commercials, online advertisement, stealth marketing, screening, etc.

Importance of Attention Grabbers

In this highly competitive market catching customer’s attention has become a challenging task. There are several reasons to choose attention grabber for the promotion of your business website and some of them are given below.

  • The attention grabber allows business to share happy experiences of previous users
  • The help customers to personally relate with products and services
  • It can manipulate the emotions of the customers

How to Choose Between Brand Images and Attention Grabbers?

How to Choose Between Brand Images and Attention Grabbers

Deciding among brand image and attention grabbers could be difficult for any company. Of course, the choice of action depends on the requirements and needs of the business and only upper management has a right to decide. If the CEO like the brand images rather than attention grabbers then it is what your company is going to get. That’s being said the decision is based on the brand goals. Do you want to hire a website designing solution to make your brand look strong, attractive and reliable one? As in most of the cases your marketing strategy represents the requirements of customers you are catering to. At the end of the day, the decision depends on you.

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