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Can you imagine the last time you have opened a website which was non-adjustable according to the screen of the mobile devices? If so, you probably did one of two things. First: You tried to zoom in and out the page to find the information you are looking for. Or Second: You just left the side and click on the second website on search engine result. This proof the phase that a mobile-friendly website is a user-friendly website. Statistics indicate…

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Every year Google bring something new, something you have never seen before, something that can either make or break your online business in a single night, scared? You shouldn’t be. Although Google changes its algorithm around 500 to 600 times, the majority of them are minor. Google occasionally bring major algorithm updates that affect online business in various ways. Therefore, it is necessary for SEO experts to be aware of these updates as they can be the game changer for…

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Do you know there are around 60 to 65 per cent websites running without a responsive website design service? Well, bad for them because they are losing a big opportunity to rank higher than their competitors on the search engine result pages. Responsive website design is not a luxury only large-scale companies can enjoy but something that is available for all. But the main focus here is what difference does it make? Today, mobile searches dominate around 55 per cent…

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The world is changing and so is the internet. Most of us use the internet to fulfill our daily needs. Take a moment and think about hundreds of searches you made on daily basis. As a evaluate human you must be using smartphones to make all these searches, right? In fact, you are not alone who like to make searches by sitting at the comfort of your home. The mobile website development makes it easier to find the actual information…

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