Filling a form is the very first step visitors take while signing-up, hiring, or availing the specific service from an online website. Many consider โ€œformโ€ as a thin line that separate visitors from potential customers. We use forms in our day-to-day lives to pay bills, make a purchase and all. Remember what was the last time you have filled the form? How was the experience? Was it smooth as it supposed to be? Or it was complicated?

Forms are just a piece of information you need to acquire from users. Therefore, it should be filled out in a blink of an eye without any confusion or hesitation. In the below post, you will explore the best examples of web designs for businesses. These examples include practices, templates, principle and books which you can optimize to make your online form more attractive and eye-capturing.

The Best Web Designs and Principles for Your Website

SIgn Up Form

  • Signup Form

Creator: This signup design was created by Michal Manak.

User rating: 5 stars

Major highlights: Interesting flow and attractive design.

The above example of the signup form displays the registration flow which helps users to know what they need to do next. You can acquire web application development services to learn more about the signup form.

  • Moving animation forms

Moving animation forms

Creator: The design was created by the Rostislav Achilov

User rating: 4 stars

Major highlights: Offer step-by-step guidance.

In the web world, it is highly preferable to create a short form to intact the interest of the users. However, the short forms are not applicable in some situations. Therefore, it is suggested to break the long form into two to three steps as it makes it easier for visitors to provide genuine information. In addition, you can also add step-by-step guidance for better user experience.

  • The Gym form concept

The gym form concept

Creator: This attractive gym-based design was created by the Rostislav Achilov.

User rating: 5 stars

Major highlights: Interactive form for Gyms

As you can see above this sort of design is generally divided into two parts. While users often switch between the login and register the modules on the form follows the same. Implementing this sort of web design can help you to hit two birds with one stone. This creative design will eventually capture the attention of the visitors.

There are various companies in the market that offer reliable web designing service to choose and implement attractive web forms.

  • Contact Us Form

Contact Us Form

Creator: The theme and design were designed by the Yuliya Kartashova.

User rating: 4 stars

Major highlights: Convincing design for users.

The above design is a good example of the Contact Us form. These types of contact form encourage users to take the desired action to fill the blanks.

  • Registration form

Registration Form

Creator: The designed was created by the Alok Dubey.

User rating: 4 stars

Major highlights: It is the one column design.

Writing down all the necessary inputs in a single column is often faster and easier for users to analyze and fill when compared to multiple column forms.

In the end, it is up to you what type of design you prefer to choose for your website. Moreover, if you still face any difficulty or confusion about the design then, feel free to visit Qdexi Technology- the best web designing solution provider in Canada.