LinkedIn ads can be helpful for any business to take it to the new heights. LinkedIn users are exceptionally influential and they simple have two times of purchasing power than any other kind of web crowd. LinkedIn has become of the major marketing at present. With social media optimization services it has become easier to make the most of marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn provides us with different ad formats to advertise any kind of product or service. This blog covers the LinkedIn Text Ad format and the practices that you should implement to use it efficiently. Let’s get started with it.

Why LinkedIn Text Ads Should Be Your Preference?

Incipiently, when LinkedIn ads were launched at the end of 2007 it had only one advertisement format and that was text ads. These advertisements were modest and surely seemed like the advertisements. LinkedIn allows you to use up to 25 characters in a single headline and you can put the 75 characters in the description. The only feature that set text ads aside from Google ads (that were famous at the time) was an image with a 50 x 50-pixel.

Later in 2013, sponsored content ads of LinkedIn came into existence. This is the reason why text ads took a backseat and became less relevant. Now that you have decided to use LinkedIn ads but are frightened off by the budget then it’s recommended for you to use text ads. There is a low cost associated with it. With text ads, you can begin with just $2 per click. Other than that, text ads have very low engagement rates which make it less risky than any other form of LinkedIn ads. The SMO service agency in the USA can help you make efficient use of the LinkedIn Text Advertisements.

How to Use LinkedIn Text Based Ads?

Set up Your LinkedIn Campaign and Targeting: First step is to go to LinkedIn Ads Dashboard. After selecting the ad account and campaign group simply click on the create campaign option. Next, you have to set the objective of your campaign. After that, define the audience you have been intending to target. You can hire digital marketing services from the professionals.

Choose the Bid Type: When a text ads campaign you have the option to bid maximum CPM or CPC. When it comes to text ad campaigns, you cannot optimize it for conversion, unlike sponsored content campaigns. Typically, it is suggested to maximum CPC over CPM as the click-through-rate is very low especially for text-based ads. These are the ads that only charge for the click. CPCs can differ for text ads.

Budget: In the text ads, you have the option to choose between setting a periodic budget or a lifetime budget. Our suggestion is, to begin with, a low periodic budget as opposed to the campaign you have been testing alongside.

Conversion Tracking: After you have set up the conversion tracking for your sponsored content campaigns start making use of text ads as well. One of the important things suggested by the experts is to have your attribution settings to 30-day click and 1-day view.

Summing Up: Whether your target is to find more prospects in a proposed target market or excited to discover a totally new area, LinkedIn text ads can fulfill your purpose.

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