You must have heard of the phrase “content is the king of the web”. Well, indeed that’s true but there is something more important than that. The technology that is serving your website is the actual player in the game. The content is of no use if your website isn’t working perfectly. The website should be fast, responsive and perfectly designed if you want to deliver a positive experience to the users. This is why you should always think twice before choosing the platform for it. These days WordPress, the most popular content management system is powering more than 32% of websites on the entire internet. Everyone is rushing to get WordPress development services.

It is an undeniable fact that WordPress has a lot to offer for web development. So, if you are already utilizing this platform for your website then you must ensure that it is performing well for your web visitors. In the next section of this blog, we are going to share some of the best techniques for WordPress performance optimization. However, if you think that you need professional assistance for the WordPress performance optimization then Qdexi technology is your right spot. This leading web development company has a skilled team of WordPress developers.

Optimize the WordPress Website Performance by Implementing These Tactics

  • Content delivery network configuration: The content delivery of your website should be super fast. To make that possible it is best to use the content delivery network is the most useful thing for a WordPress website. The configuration of the CDN on the website can bring a lot of improvements in its performance. For choosing the right CDN, it is important to understand the requirements of the website. It uses intelligent caching. This enables your website to use the optimized server that is closest to the website visitor. By storing the localized versions of the webpages, it delivers them to the users quickly based on their locations.
  • Remove unnecessary things: If your website is lagging then you must remove all the unused plug-ins and themes. These unused things on the website arise security vulnerabilities. It also degrades the WordPress site performance. There is a plug-in called media cleaner that can be used to dispose of all the unnecessary things from the website. It shows all the media files present in your WordPress site that aren’t being used. You can easily delete these file. It would automatically improve its performance.
  • Clear your database: The WordPress database also pile up clutter over time. Removing overheard and uninstalled plug-ins often leaves a lot of trash on the websites. It is mandatory to clean these leftovers from the database. You can do it manually using the phpMyAdmin but it could damage the other things on your website. This is why it is recommended to take help from professional web developers. However, WP-Sweeps and advanced database cleaner are the best tools for this task.

Optimize Images: The images are the most important part of a website that keeps your visitors engaged. If your website contains a lot of images then make sure they are perfectly optimized. When images are loaded directly on the website it contains the Metadata that takes up a lot of space. These large files make the website heavier which ultimately affects its performance.

These are some of the ways through which you can optimize the performance of your WordPress website. However, if you think that you can’t manage this task on your own then Qdexi technology is here to assist you. This company offers the world-class WordPress Development services that encompass everything, from WordPress site development to it performance optimization. So, why wait? Approach them today!