Digital marketing has transformed everything. Marketers are adopting every single tactic to promote and advertise their products and services with a wide audience. Out of all the digital marketing strategies PPC ads are considered as the most appealing approach to drive quality traffic and generate sales in a very short time period. Due to enormous success, the PPC has already become the top priority for advertisers. PPC ads can be seen everywhere. Pay-per-click provides the opportunity to reach a massive number of potential customers.

You might be wondering which PPC platform would be best for your business. This blog is going to guide you about the different PPC ad networks so that you can choose the right platform for your business. If you are looking for some experts to manage your PPC advertising campaigns then Qdexi technology is your destination. Hiring PPC advertising services from them can be very beneficial for your marketing campaigns.

People have this misconception that PPC advertising is expensive and it only works for the big brands. But this is absolutely wrong. In fact, the PPC advertisement has enough potential to deliver best results if it is applied properly. So, let’s take a look at some of the effective PPC ad platforms that can bring effective results for your online business.

Popular Pay-Per-Click Ad Networks to Use in 2019

Google Adwords: You must be familiar with the Google Adwords, the major pay-per-click network at present. There is no doubt in the fact that Google Adwords is the most popular variant where you have access to a worldwide audience. You must have noticed that whenever you search something up on Google, there are advertisements displayed in each search. These are pay-per-click advertisements. All the ads that are being displayed are highly relevant. The procedure is completely based on the auction and bidding.

Bing Ads: Bing ads are very similar to Google Adwords. There is just a difference in the search engines. After Google, Bing is the major search engine. It provides you the wide audience and good price per click. You can create a different kind of advertisements and bid on the keywords that are closely related to your business. There is a separate section of ads in search engine result pages where you can display your advertisements.

RevContent: The list of top PPC ad platform is incomplete without mentioning the RevContent. This is the platform that majorly focuses on content advertising. For increasing the conversions it displays relevant content ads. It is best when you want to post content on the external websites. For this, you have to bid for a keyword and your content would be displayed beneath the content of that website. It is also an effective way to run pay-per-click advertisements.

Facebook Ads: Today, Facebook is a major social media platform. Everybody has access to Facebook which makes it the largest platform to advertise the products and services. The Facebook Ads also stands on the top of the list for best PPC ad networks. You can set up your ad campaign on based on the demographics, location and the other information of your target audience. After creating the advertisement, you can set the budget according to your requirements and bid for each click on your ad. You can even promote your advertisements on your business profiles through groups, post, stories, and direct messages. It’s the best way to give exposure to the business.

So, these were some of the major PPC ad platforms. No matter what platform you have chosen for running the paid advertisement, you can approach the expert marketers of Qdexi technology for managing these campaigns. Their PPC advertisement service encompasses all of these Ad networks. So, do not wait and hire them today.