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Laravel Developer improves feature-packed answers for Laravel web and app growth which help a group, improve its admiration while enhancing the general web processes. It influences an agile method to the development of very high-quality websites and applications emphasizing modular and stress-free coding.

  • Switch from Lazy Loading to Eager Loading: The Eloquent object relational mapper (ORM) makes it easier for Laravel developers to work with multiple databases; perform create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) operations; and map object models to database tables. But Eloquent ORM performs the database operations based on laze loading approach. It does not retrieve data till they are not referenced in the code explicitly.
  • Compress Response Data: While working with API-based frameworks, developers improve website’s loading speed by compressing response data. They can take advantage of Eloquent ORM to retrieve the data to be displayed to an end user through a single query. But the additional data will affect the website’s speed and increase bandwidth consumption. All the technical experts are ready to provide Laravel development service to customers at lowest cost.
  • Use a JIT Compiler for Laravel: Often web developers use PHP compilers to compile the PHP scripts into native machine code. The machine native code runs seamlessly on a computer without requiring a PHP interpreter. The smarter web developers use just-in-time (JIT) compilers to speed up the web application by compiling the PHP scripts once.
  • Run Artisan Optimization Commands: Laravel 5 enables programmers to improve the speed and performance of applications by running a set of commands. The developers can easily speed up the Laravel application by running commands for optimizing storage path, compile commonly used classes into a single file, combining all configurations into a single file, creating a route cache file, and compiling view files. The optimization commands further help programmers to perform a number of routine web development tasks.
  • Precompile Website Assets: In a development environment, programmers simplify website maintenance by storing website assets in different files. The additional files often affect the website’s loading speed adversely. The Laravel developers can easily speed up the website by store assets in lesser number of files while deploying the application. Laravel enables developers to recompile website assets efficiently through the artisan command line tools.
  • Explore Ways to Implement Caching: The Laravel developers can easily speed up the web application by caching configuration and routes. They can even run artisan commands to cache the configuration and refresh the configuration when changes are made. Likewise, they can run artisan command to move routes to the application’s controller, cache the routes, and refresh the route caches. At the same time, the developers can also consider using a robust tool like ride’s as a cache and session driver.
  • Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Unused Services: While using Laravel, programmers use plugins to add functionalities to the web application without writing additional code. But the pug-ins often makes the web application load additional libraries and files. The developers can easily improve the Laravel application’s performance by removing the unnecessary plug-ins and trimming the necessary plug-ins.

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