Your website design is more important for your business than you could think. No matter how well-measured tactics you are implementing for boosting your conversions, if your website design is crap then do not expect results. Web design is not just about designing; it is one marketing product for your business that needs to be done correctly. There are design theories and concepts that need to be employed in web design. So, when you are about to hire a web designing service for business make sure that your project is beginning with a meaningful concept that matches the standards of your business.

In this blog, we are further going to explain the major principles of design theory that are used in web designing. You must understand that every good design has a literal meaning behind it. This is not just about creating pretty shapes, using filters, typography, eye-catching colors, etc. Every design element in your website must speak for itself. This is probably why developing a concept and working with design theories is critical to design a great website for any business.

How Does Web Designing Begin?

It all begins with brainstorming ideas. Everything clicking in your mind related to the design is an idea, so write them down or draw them but do not miss them. Who knows what could come out of all these ideas. The brainstorming session would help you understand what exactly do you need in your website design and you would be able to further elaborate these ideas to web design service providers in India. Let’s uncover the must-known principles of design theory used for designing websites.

Important Principles of Design Theory for Website Designing

Visual Hierarchy

In web design theory, visual hierarchy is one of the most prominent principles. Web designers make the use of visual hierarchy to manage specific components of a webpage. It’s a technique that directs the person’s eye towards the major element of web design. In order to create a great, it is important to designate information according to color, size, and font. This even includes hyperlink conditioning.

The Golden Ratio

According to many architects, mathematicians, and artists “the Golden Ratio” also commonly known as “the golden rectangle” evokes a sense of harmony and balance in humans. The golden ratio has been used in many great designs of all time. Even the web designers at present continue to utilize the golden ratio. This is one of the best ways to create a balance between different elements of the website.

Color Theory

A well-designed website comprises an adequate color scheme. Color theory is best to use when you want to differentiate your website from the competition. The websites must leverage the effective color scheme if you want to gain better results. Along with that picking the best color for call-to-action buttons can also make a significant difference in the design of your website.

Visual Direction

Visual direction helps in controlling the eye movement of the users. Once you have understood the web design theory, it will become easier for you to know web page heat maps. This will provide you with instructions on where to present the most critical information available on your webpage. Pictures, graphics, colors, CTAs, etc. are all the elements that draw attention.

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