Companies should upgrade their organization by enhancing and upgrading the technologies as coming into the market. Kotlin is a new and updated programming language which is introduced recently. This language is generated from JetBrains and is introduced only for Android application development. The syntax used in this new language named as “Kotlin” is highly simple and concise than the other programming language named as “JAVA”. Android app development services are available at the third-party online web app development service provider.

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Kotlin – Official Programming Language on Android

Kotlin Programming


Kotlin language is not only introduced for Android lovers, but this is also a server-side scripting language which is also used for javascript and iOS.

Kotlin technology is well known for mobile application development services while it has some pros and cons also. The customer can grab the various advantages and disadvantages from the following.

Importance and Features of Kotlin Language

  • Safe and secure
  • Great and better programming language
  • Smart casts are supportable
  • Reduces code to write

Advantages of Kotlin Programming Language

  • This technology is open source and free application available.
  • Kotlin compiles to Javascript.
  • Completely compatible with Android studio and android build system.
  • This software is open developer networks which mean it is not limited to a single organization.

Disadvantages of Kotlin android language

  • The code which is written in JAVA is not feasible to convert into Kotlin programming language.
  • In some circumstances, Kotlin works slower than JAVA nobody knows why as this technology works faster and effectively.

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