Google has recently launched the third beta of the new 11th version of Android. The developer preview of Android 11 was announced back in February 2020. Since then, we have been getting previews as well as the second beta version which has introduced us to a stability of the platform. While everybody is excited about 11th version of Android Operating System, it is also bringing some real challenges for the Mobile application development service providers.

Now, if you are wondering what new features and specialties can be we expect from Android 11 then here is the blog for you. We will also discuss how these features are going to affect mobile application development. Let’s have a look.

Just like any other previous version of Android, this 11th version is all focused to enhance the user-experience. Do you know that Android operating system is superior at present with almost 74.6% market share? Android developer’s preview has assisted businesses and mobile app developers with various updates that support better development of the mobile app. We can say that newly launched Android 11 has more enhancements and exceptional features.

Amazing Features of Android 11

Chat Bubbles

Implicative of Facebook Messenger Chat Heads, the “Bubbles” is the new feature that is coming with Android 11. However, it was supposed to be a feature of Android 10. This will be the new UI for all the messaging applications. With this feature, you will be able to access various conversations through one floating bubble while doing the other task on your smartphone. Right now this seems that only Google has its messaging application support. But other applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or even Signal can leverage this feature.


Another good feature of Android 11 is that it allows you to deal with the unnecessary notifications. Right now we only have option to mute the notification but this version provides you the complete control over them. Your notifications will be organized and you will be able to see important threads.

Pixel Themes

The settings will have pixel theme section and you can use that to customize the way your clock will be displayed on the lock screen and AOD. If you are using native android application development services for your app then make you are prioritizing features that supports the Android 11.

Voice Access Abilities

This is one good feature of Android 11 that is going to take voice assistance to whole new level. Your Android will be able to read what is on your screen and facilitates taking the action. Many other changes are more outspoken in Android 11, such as folding, pinhole display, waterfall, 5G compatibility, scoped storage, enhanced security and privacy, and much more.

Media Control

While listening to the song on your phone, its sticky notification is always there. Now with Android 11, the player shifts into the quick setting portion and you will also get more tools which includes option to select the output device. This way you will be able to focus on the important notification rather than the media playing in the background.

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