Millennials have been influencing the eCommerce industry for a very long time. Generally speaking, these are people aged between 18-38 years. This group has been highly influenced by social media. According to studies, 39.8% of millennials list social sources as the top three sources for buying products and services. Now businesses are compelled to hire eCommerce development services to strive in eCommerce industry and fulfil the demand of millennials.

It is an undeniable fact that Millennials have evolved from a famous catchphrase among those striving to recognize a brand-new trend, to an assortment of tech-savvy modern and young generation with earnest spending potential. The millennials prefer using mobile devices to make purchases and this has been revolutionizing the world of eCommerce.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how millennials have been impacting eCommerce industry and how businesses can use these characteristics to generate sales. Let’s have a look:

This new group of millennials has grown up viewing unboxing videos on YouTube and Amazon at their command. It can be harmful to online retailers to ignore the approved and demanding needs of the generation of millennials. It has now become critical for businesses to re-evaluate old techniques and strategies to embrace this new shift.

How Much Potential Does Millennials Mobile Shopping Have?

Millennials are estimated to make up 75% of the workforce of the UK by the end of 2020. Do you know that millennials are the biggest generational users of mobile devices? These smartphones have already become a pivotal on-the-go device for consumers. According to the worldwide survey, over 80% of people under 25s and they make use of their smartphones to go online as often as computers. Other than that, 91% of UK millennials make use of their smartphones. If you also considering taking your business online then you can hire WooCommerce development services from the experts.

How eCommerce Businesses are Targeting Millennials?

Mobile Applications: For eCommerce businesses, mobile applications have become a face. Even though, mobile websites were performing well for online retailers but mobile applications deliver better user experience. Almost all the millennials have mobile shopping application downloaded in their mobile devices. If you have eCommerce business then you can also make use of applications for better user experience.

Seamless Checkout: The millennials have been using mobile devices to make purchases which means that they expect to have a secure and seamless payment checkout. This can indeed be helpful for maximizing the conversion on eCommerce websites. If you website has a complicated checkout then you can hire an eCommerce development service agent to fix it.

Personalized Shopping Experience: The next big demand for millennials in the eCommerce industry is personalized shopping experience. The more personalized experience you would be able to deliver, the more customers will engage with your business. You can use analytical tools to gauge the individual interests of the customers.

Wrapping Up: Millennials are a large group of different people who choose to stay relevant, social, and connected. They prefer shopping online. If you notice that your website is not matching their standards and is not millennial-friendly then you might be missing out on a big opportunity. To get a complete range of e-business solutions here is what you can do.

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