Software that enables users to build and maintain their websites without even having any kind of coding expertise. However, to create an efficient website you can take WordPress development services from the experts.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to the guide that will help you convert your WordPress website into Static HTML site without any kind of data loss.

Why It is Important to Convert Your WordPress Website into Static HTML Site?

WordPress is pretty good at doing things that it should do. The WordPress has been currently powering around 33.5% of all the websites on the Internet. As one of the versatile content management system, it provides you the access to tons of plugins to enable users to integrate any sort of functionality they want on WordPress website without possessing any kind of coding skills.

Sometimes the website host does not allow dynamic PHP powered websites for example Github pages. However, if you want to leverage publishing power of the WordPress then WP static HTML site can be very handy for this. This will also boost the speed of your website. In order to do this task efficient you can use web development services offered by the professionals.

One of the principal causes for transforming from WordPress to a static HTML website is the page load speed. Using WordPress, you can create dynamic pages, and every time a visitor loads the website, it has to create pages dynamically. By having a static website you can simply eliminate this thing as there is no dynamic content. Hence, the speed and stability of your WordPress website will be improved.

How to Do it Using WP Static Site Generator Plugin for WordPress?

There is one plugin called WP Static Site Generator which works as an optimum solution for enhancing the speed of any website powered by WordPress. If you want to remove the traces of the WordPress from the website then you have to export it to static HTML. This will create static HTML version of your website and you can simply install it. This will help you tackle all the problems that were originally caused by the outdated version of WordPress.

We can say that WP static site generator defeats all the major caching plugins such as W3TotalCache, WPFastestCache, and WPSuperCache. The best thing about WP Static Site Generator is that it is open source software. In addition to all these things, you will have the ultimate protection from malware attack. You just have to make use of PHP CMS development services for this.

Picking up a tool to transform WordPress code to HTML is completely based on the tools that are easy and simple to work with. The tools mentioned in this post can be very helpful to convert a WordPress website into a static HTML site. However, it is important to preserve your website from potential hackers. If you are seeking professional assistance to improve the performance and speed of your website then here is the solution for you.

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