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Amazon has placed a heavy focus on branded images and narratives inside the platform in recent years. They continue to bring out tools that enable companies to creatively express their unique value with marketplace buyers, from enhanced A+ Content capabilities to interactive Amazon Storefronts. With the launch of Amazon Posts and other community-building tools, Amazon Advertising appears to be taking cues from social networks turned online shopping destinations like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Posts have a similar look and feel to social media and serve as a tool to publish content, engage consumers, and promote discovery. Each online business and store seek the largest possible market share. And competition is especially fierce on internet markets like Amazon. It's easy for your brand to go undetected in such a crowded marketplace with the Amazon Posts Management agency.

Qdexi Global Solutions LLP is an online marketing agency that helps you with SEO services. We'll create and implement a strategy to significantly increase your Amazon sales so you can focus on creating outstanding items. If your Amazon items aren't as successful as you believe they should be, we can help you figure out why and get you there. Our team offers full digital marketing and Amazon Advertising services, such as digital marketing, sales lead generation, Google advertising, search engine optimization, email, and marketing automation, which not only increases our visibility but also increases inbound sales leads by over 200 percent.

What are Amazon Posts?

Through image-based browsing, Amazon Posts provide merchants with a new approach to promoting product exposure and interaction. Posts appear in a brand's Amazon feed and act similarly to what you'd see on social media. Each Post includes product or lifestyle photos, a brief commentary, and a link to a product information page. Customers may "follow" a business in the same way they would a social network account by clicking the Follow button on a company's Post or Store page—this helps buyers to see more of your material on Amazon.

Customers are allowed to navigate through your feed and instantly go to your product detail pages. As a result, the program is intended not only to demonstrate how to use your items but also to inspire people to browse and discover your brand narrative.

How to create amazon posts?

Here is an amazon posts guide that meets these requirements and may get started. Go to and login in with your registered account. Select "Get Started." Determine the brand you wish to promote. Include your company's logo. This will display as a thumbnail next to your company’s name in your posts, similar to a cover photo on Instagram or Facebook. When your upload is finished, select "Submit and proceed." Compose a Post! Make sure to include a lifestyle photograph of your product, an intriguing text, and some ASINs for comparable goods in your product line – this is how Amazon will determine which category tags to apply to your Post.

How to Use Amazon Posts for Brand Discovery?

Customers like social media's ability to present things in appealing, approachable contexts. Posts have the appearance and feel of typical social networks but go one step further by allowing customers to examine the product behind the captivating material with a single click. Using Posts is therefore a no-brainer.

Here are some more advantages:

It is free to use: Businesses might publish as many or as few as they wish. In contrast to Pay Per Click or any other advertisements, there really is no expense per click.

Increase Brand Awareness: Sellers may use Amazon Posts to demonstrate exactly how their items operate and offer original material that illustrates their company's narrative. It is also an excellent chance to publish end user images and build positive substantiation.

Increases the discoverability of products: Some clients, especially those who are unfamiliar with your brand, may be unaware of the breadth of your product offering. As a consumer goes down your listing information page on the Amazon app, they can learn more about your brand by seeing Posts that feature images of your other items.

Your brand can be "followed" by customers: Customers will be able to "follow" your organization on Amazon, just as they would on any other social media site, to remain fully updated with your information.

Analyze the effectiveness of your posts: It’s easy to track the performance of your content on Amazon. Companies will be able to examine stats for every one of your Posts, including engagements, interaction, and retention rate.

Skyrocket Your Business with the Best Amazon Post Management Consultant

Qdexi Technology is an Amazon Posts Management Agency that provides full support in bringing your businesses to the top. Our crew is highly efficient and works as an extension of our team, giving real-time stats that clearly demonstrate the ongoing value they offer to our business.

If your items aren't selling as well as they should, we'll help you figure out why and create a clear, realistic, and executable strategy to get you there.

We as an Amazon Posts Management agency collaborate with your existing team or with our team of marketers, designers, photographers, and Search Engine Optimization specialists. Our team specializes in growing a following on Amazon since we are specialists in strategically exploiting all of the platform's core capabilities to boost revenue growth.

An Amazon advertising account manager who understands the marketplace's intricacies may do wonders for your financial line. Allow us to assist you in growing your business by utilizing advertising that has been shown to thrive in the world's largest e-commerce marketplace.

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