Usability is a major concept of website designing which often get overlooked by the designers. The usability should be considered as a priority while designing an e-commerce or any other basic websites. The website designer who is providing website designing services should make usability a part of their website software and development process. The role of usability doesn’t end it with the creation of the website. After launching a website regular usability test must be conducted to make the necessary enhancement on the website. In this post, we are going to discuss the amazing way to improve your website usability. Let’s start our journey.

Work on Your Website Readability

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Readability is the first sign you should look at while testing the usability of your website. If your website has readability issues then, it means your readers are going to abandon your website in less than two seconds. So, you need to fix it before you lost a large number of potential customers. In the former articles, we have discussed typography and background designed to increase the readability of your website. The quality amount of white space, proper formatting, and display designs can contribute more to making your website content more readable. Additionally, you can hire web development solutions and services to set your banners and sidebars aside. So, readers won’t get distracted by them.

  • Text colour, contrast and background

    There are several considerations that need to be taken into account before selecting the colour texture for the website. The main reason why web designers spend more time selecting a colour because different colours affect the psychology of the readers. Hmm, a little dose of science here! Before going with a particular colour for your website, spare some time to think about what colour your users will prefer. For example, if you sell environmental products then you must go with green, brown or blue. The same applies while selecting the texture or pattern for the background.

    Also, make sure that background and front colours do not get merged as it will make it hard to read the posted content on the web page.

  • Pay attention to images

    Pictures are the best way to express your thoughts and points you want to prove to others. So, make sure to add quality pictures to your website to make it more appealing to your targeted audience. For example, you are in the catering business then you can use images of dishes you regularly serve to your customers. This will set your website apart from the crowd. Another thing, make sure the pictures you posts do not look out of place or it will leave a bad impression on your visitors. To properly optimize your pictures get assistance for responsive website design for seo perspective from Qdexi Technology at an affordable price.

  • Focus on providing smooth navigation

    Nowadays, most of the people access a website from mobile phones apart from laptops and desktops. Therefore, it is important to make sure that website user can easily navigate the website through their smartphones. For this, you may have to hire web designing solution to implement responsive designs as users find it irritating to zoom the screen every once in a while to read the content.

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You may think that all of the above tips are not worthy to spend your time but believe me, you will be surprised to find how much you can learn from this and in case you find the above tips to complicated then visit Qdexi Technology. They have a team of professionals who are known for providing the best Web Design and website development services.