In the past few years, Instagram has taken over the social media world by the storm. In January the total number of monthly Instagram users has reached 100 million which is the heck of the number! So, it is not surprising that both small and big brands have started to aim their promotional guns at Instagram users through the social media optimization and marketing service.

How to mold the situation to make some bucks?

If you are ready to put some time and efforts in your Instagram account then, you can seriously make some cash from the channel. Ready? Let’s begin with the ways.

What do you need to do on the first basis?

First thing first; find out what your followers like? If you want to earn from Instagram then, you must know that the majority of the brands like to have a strong and loyal following. There is one thing for sure! Nothing is going to work on Instagram until you have an impressive amount of followers. In case, if you are currently lacking in this department then here are some ways to fill the gap and attract more followers on Instagram:

Ways to Attract More Followers on Instagram


  • Correct your bio with the right information:

Make sure the information you are writing in your Bio is authentic and true. This incorporates your contact information, where you live and post about. You can add some hashtags and a few keywords to make sure that the right kind of followers can find you without any hassle.

  • Post on the regular basis:

In order to increase the graph of followers you can post several high-quality images on regular basis. But be warned while posting as you don’t need to post everything at once and doing this can backfire! In case if you cannot commit to the number of posts then, makes sure you are publishing quite a few for the day.

  • Take and post good pictures:

The Instagram revolves around eye-capturing images and videos. There is no point of posting law quality image on Instagram as no one will find it impressive enough to respond. So, if you are putting your time and efforts then, make sure you are producing the desired result.

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So, now you have increased your total number of followers, it is time to learn how to earn through them.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram

There is a number of ways to make money on Instagram and some of them are given below:

  • Affiliate marketing:

So I assume, you may have heard about affiliate marketing, right? It is a way of marketing where you have to promote a product and receive money on the basis of sales. While visiting some websites you can see banners at the sidebar promoting products. Well, it is not so different on Instagram.  Here is the example of affiliate marketing on Instagram:

  • Sponsored posts:

If you are an Instagram user with a huge number of followers (as mentioned above) then, sponsored posts are another way of earning cash. All you have to do is create sponsored post (picture, video, etc.) that highlight the brand. The post you will create are generally accompanied by impressive captions and brand related hashtags.

Moreover, there are so many ways to earn money through the Instagram but rest of them will be carried forward in another post. Until then, you can increase the followers using social media strategies for business brands. For further queries visit Qdexi Technology.