After a long wait and a lot of teasing the 6.0 version of Laravel has been finally dropped!

That’s exciting and intriguing at the same time. This means if you have a Laravel website then it’s time to upgrade your framework to this latest version. It might seem a lot to you but when you take Laravel Development services from the professionals then everything can be done seamlessly.

Okay! So, do you want to know what’s so different and unique about it? In this blog, we will talk about everything new that is coming with a 6.0 version of Laravel. Let’s get started with it.

What’s New about the Laravel 6.0 Version?

The newly released 6.0 version of Laravel is available for everyone. It marks the beginning of so many new things in this framework. From on it will be using Semantic Versioning. This version has great compatibility with job middleware, lazy collections, sub-query improvements, improved authorization responses, and other major enhancements. Let’s learn more about it.

Here are some of the new features that have come with Laravel 6.0

Semantic Versioning

As we all know that Laravel always releases so many major features with the release. This package of Laravel framework is highly compatible with the standards of Semantic Versioning.  It makes Laravel consistent with some first-party packages. This cycle will remain unchanged.

Ignition Error Page

The second amazing feature of this version is that it now works with Ignition. This is one new Laravel open-source exception page. If you need more details about this then you should hire a web development service from professionals.

Laravel UI

The frontend scaffolding that has been coming with Laravel 6.0 can be extracted with different Laravel UI composer package. This enables the first-party UI scaffolding to be repeated differently from the primary framework.

Job Middleware

This is another useful feature added to the latest version of Laravel. You don’t have to add extra boilerplate code around jobs. It allows you to attach it to the job by extracting it in the middleware. If you want to use it efficiently then it’s best to hire PHP development services from the professionals.

Lazy Collection

Laravel has also introduced the feature called Lazy Collection. When you are dealing with a huge amount of data to keep memory usage low. If you are working with the eloquent models then this feature is best for you. It gives you the option to choose one model to load into the memory at one time. It doesn’t load everything at once.

Better Authorization Process

The Laravel has introduced the Gate::Inspect. This is the method that offers the authorization response policy. With the introduction of this feature, you can retrieve the complete custom response and then you can send it back to the users. You can also gate definition to limit the editing of the posts to those who have the role admin.

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