In this current digital scenario, there are so many PHP frameworks available that are used for the development of website. Every entrepreneur is concerned about choosing the right one to expand the reach of their online business. Most of the times they prefer taking PHP MVC development services from the professionals to get the reliable solutions. You have to compare different PHP frameworks to come up with the best options.

Every framework has some unique features which makes it different from the others. Out of all the PHP frameworks, CakePHP is way ahead for the web development. This is based on the PHP MVC that can be easily utilize and interpret. There is tremendous demand for the CakePHP development services. This blog contains the list of all the CakePHP resources that can boost the online presence of your business.

List of Best CakePHP Resources for Web Development

CakePHP manual: The official manual is the first thing that can give the accurate and authentic information about the CakePHP development. It not only provides you the details about the codes but it also gives you the access of documentations and practices. This manual provides you the reliable information. Moreover, it can be separated easily into different parts. The MVC has core consoles, shells, libraries, and many other things. The core knowledge provided by this manual can help you the make quality decisions for website development services.

CakePHP Online API: Another major thing about CakePHP is that it has API that provides a solid platform for gathering information about the latest APIs available in the packages. The things can be organized easily and it can be classified in the discrete sections. These sections include interfaces, classes, exceptions, functions etc. You can gain proficient knowledge regarding APIs. This reference platform provided by API repository can give you details about the core functionality of the web application development.

CakePHP Plugins and Packages: The CakePHP has plugins and packages that facilitate the development of websites. All the plugins has unique features that you can use for enhancing the functionality of your web application. It also comes with the directory where you can find the wide-range plugins and tools. These are categorized into different groups which include admin, interface and SEO. There is an auto-listing facility in the major category when you don’t have resource name.

Github: This is one of the top-quality networks that is known for its productive communities. This can be used by the developers to understand the latest things in the CakePHP development. This acts as a programming tool. For the beginners in the field it is the best platform for the web development. They can learn to tackle the problems that appear with the development of cake PHP applications. The entire web development process can be managed in the seamless way.

Stack Overflow: If you are searching for ideal CakePHP development solution then stack overflow is another name in the list of CakePHP resources. This is entire community of the 4.7 million developers. Here you can find the best solution for your project.

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