We all understand that speed and the performance of the website is one of the most critical factor for its success. Nobody likes waiting for your website to load complete. This is the most irritating thing your visitors will ever come across. Those who are powering their website with Joomla development services often ask for expert assistance for optimizing the website for better performance. But you should know that Joomla by default is not slow but there are so many practices that can make your website super-fast. Here we have put together some optimization tips for speeding up your website. Let’s walk you through this.

Maintain the Performance of your Website with Joomla Optimization Tips

Keep Joomla and Extensions Updated

The latest version of everything on your Joomla site will provide you utmost performance. Every new version comes with bug fixes and code improvements which enhance the overall functioning of the Joomla website. Do not forget to update the Joomla extensions as these are also critical for your website. The updates also provides maximum security to your website.

Enable Caching System

If the cache on your website is not enabled then it could increase the loading time of your website. Every time visitors try to access your website, Joomla has to do few things. The complete process involves fetching content from database, loading components, modules and plugins. It also loads the template file and merge everything into a single page. This seems a lot and whole process takes time. In order to make it faster Joomla caching system is best to use. By enabling the cache system, the first time users will load your page, the result captures everything. This way the visitors will get access to the cached system. You can hire web development services in the USA from the professionals to enable cache system.

Remove Unused Extensions

Each Joomla extension you are adding to the website require database and system resources. These extensions will increase the overall size of your website which will ultimately make it slower. So, do the complete audit of your website to find out the extensions that are ruining the performance of your website. If you find any kind of unused extensions then remove them immediately.

Key Takeaway: If you are adding any kind of extension for the functionality of your website then make sure that you are checking all the reviews regarding the load it will create on your website.

Integrate Optimization Extensions

There are so many optimization extensions available that works best for the Joomla website. Here are the names of some popular ones:

  • JCH Optimize: Compress and Minifies JavaScript, combines CSS & JavaScript and images into sprites.
  • Jbetolo: Maintains functionality and CDN support.
  • JotCache: Powers the built-in Joomla caching system.
  • Cache Cleaner: Removes all the cache from the admin panel of Joomla

Final Words

Now that you are aware of all the optimizations tips for Joomla website, you can move ahead implement these practices. But there is one thing that you should keep in mind. You should always go for professional assistance when it comes to the maintenance of your Joomla website. Here is a solution for that too.

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