Is your website completely secure?

Do you know around 30000 websites experience cyber-attacks on a regular basis? As your website will grow, hackers will consistently try to invade it.

So, what you have decided so far to keep your website secure?

Nothing could be better than taking website development services from the professionals.

We are just concerned about developing a website, creating the best visuals, and fill it with authentic designs. But amidst the acknowledgment of design, it is also critical to deal with the hackers and their bad intentions.

So many big companies and brands have dealt with cyber-attacks. This means your independent and small websites are also at risk.

Here’s the handy checklist that will help you learn about the biggest security threats that keep revolving around your website. Want to know how can you defend your website against those threats? Keep reading to find out.

Website Security Checklist to follow in 2020

Prevent Spamming

You might be creating perfect content full of valid information for SEO but there is no point damaging its reputation by spam comments.

So, if you are implementing the spam practices then stop immediately. Those bulky comments from fake users can ruin all your efforts. This will not only diminish the credibility of your website but Google will start considering it irrelevant. You surely don’t want that, do you?

Install SSL Certificate

When it comes to website security checklist, how can we forget getting an SSL Certificate? The SSL certificate makes sure that your data transfers are completely secure.

If you have an eCommerce website and someone is making purchases in your store, then you have to protect all their information. Whether it is their personal details, credit or debit card number, address, phone number, etc.

When the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, the padlock will show “not secure” text. Make sure that you are purchasing an SSL certificate from the reputed provider and following all the provided instructions to install it.

Automate Backups

Backup is the thing you need when it comes to the security of your website. The backup allows you to fix the wide range of issues occurring on your website. Whether you have a broken page or your website has got hacked, you can solve any kind of issue without any complications. Therefore, if your website is not automatically creating backup then enable it. Use plugins for automating the backups of your website. You can hire a web development service provider in the USA for maintaining the security of your site.

Keep Everything Updated

Whether it is your website platform, content management system, plugin, tool, or any other extension, you have to keep all of them updated. The updates come with bug fixes and better security so make sure that you are using them.

This way you can make your website vulnerable to the security attacks as you will get access to the latest security protection.

Secure Checkouts

If your website accepts online payments, then make sure that you are using AVS. By using AVS you can provide additional security to the checkout process on your website. The systems avoid any kind of fraudulent payments on your website and your online business will remain protected from revenue losses. In addition to that, your website must have CVV in the checkout process.

What Else You Can Do For Website Security?

When it comes to website security, it is recommended by the experts that one should never compromise with it. If you are seeking professional assistance then Qdexi Technology is the right web development and website designing agency for you. With the help of expert developers, you can seamlessly deal with all kinds of security threats. Reach out to them today!