Are you confused to choose the right approach for developing your mobile application? Well, there are three major options available for this native application, hybrid application, and web application. It is indeed difficult to decide the most suitable approach for this task. Making this decision is the initial stage of the mobile application development process. If you are also stuck here and need expert guidance then this blog is for you. Here would give you details about all these approaches, so that you can get a clear vision about choosing the most reliable approach according to your purpose.

However, for more exponential details, it is advisable to hire professional consultants. Qdexi Technology is the company where you meet expert consultants. They can provide you the best assistance. You can also avail the benefits of their mobile application development services. Now let’s move further to understand these approaches in a more elaborated way.

Native Mobile Application Development

The native mobile application is developed for the specific platform of a device. This application is generally coded in the specific programming language. For instance, the iOS applications are written in Objective-C and the Android applications are written in Java. The native applications provide fast and responsive functionality for great user experience. It is necessary for the native applications to interact with basic operating system features which include the camera, contact list, microphone, etc. The native mobile applications are more interactive, intuitive and work smoothly. If you think that developing a native application can fulfil the requirements of your purpose, then you can hire native android application development services.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

The word hybrid refers to mixed characters and elements. This is best to use when you have to quickly launch the website with minimum expenses. The main variants of hybrid mobile applications are a mobile web app, Progressive web apps (PWAs) and some other kind of mobile website. There are so many categories of hybrid applications.

These applications work across various platforms. The hybrid application developed for the iOS platform would also work for android devices. We can say that hybrid applications are a combination of both native and web apps. The hybrid apps can be created with a wide range of cross-platform development tools. Some of the best tools are NativeScript, PhoneGap, React Native, etc.

Web Application Development

The web application works like a website but it also has some distinct features and interactivity which is quite similar to the mobile applications. The web application can be accessed on various browsers like chrome, safari, Mozilla, etc. These applications are written in HTML5 and JavaScript. If you don’t want the complex functionality or operating system features in your application then web app is the best and the least expensive option available for you. The web app works on the web only, you won’t get the web app icon downloaded separately on the screen of the user’s device.

All of these approaches work perfectly and gives robust functionality to your mobile application. It depends upon your requirements whether you want native or hybrid or web application. Moreover, if you still have some doubts about these applications then you can take advice from the professional consultants of Qdexi Technology. This company has the team of expert mobile application developers who are skilled to work on all these platforms. So why wait? Contact them today!