For development purposes, every framework has certain rules to write certain codes. These limitations are for the completion of the code. Writing codes and following certain guidelines will bring the desired output.  The indentation must be proper and should be kept at four spaces.  It will allow developers to make a cleaner file. Underscores are never used in the function name for example, the myfunction()  but one should not use my function().  Even one can start with the variable name with an underscore, if in case the variable is secure or private.

The zend framework development requires to use standard PHP tag that is <?php and abridged version(<??>). Using the period can allow one to increase the readability of codes.  There are many company out there provides zend development service but choosing the right one might be the major concern of the entrepreneurs.

Here in this blog, you will learn about the certain reasons for choosing the zend framework for your next project.

 A Few Coding Tips:

  • Expand Your classes:  Zend is object- oriented framework utilized for the object- oriented concepts such as the interfaces and inheritance.  The zend framework components can be expandable at certain level.  After customizing this framework one can improve the functionality of the website. With this, one can utilize this in other development purposes.

Example:   This framework offers extensive validation component for confirmation of the  data.  Suppose creating a custom URL for restricting the URL input from the user.

      $isValid = filter_var($submitted_url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL);

       Zend Uri  URL is used to check the function in the zend form objects.

  • Interfaces:  It follows the same convention as classes but there are some of the additional rule.  Though it ends with the term interface and does not require any underscore.  example Zend\Controller\Plugin\Interface is considered an invalid name, but Zend\Controller\PluginInterface or Zend\Controller\Plugin\PluginInterface 

The main feature is that it provides good visual cue to developers to identify the file of interface rather than classes.

  • File Names: the file extension of PHP- based code are saved as “.php”  for script view.  Alphanumeric characters, dash and underscore are permitted but spaces are not considered for creating such codes. It is acceptable as a file name in the zend framework. For example:
  • Zend/Db.php,
  • Zend/Controller/Front.php
  • Zend/View/Helper/FormRadio.php
  • Its Functions and Methods:  Alphanumeric characters are used in the functions for coding purposes. For this, the numbers are permitted for the function name and underscore are ignored.  Moreover, the function name is almost begins with the lowercase letter but in some cases where more number of words are there in the coding then each letter of the new word is capitalized.  Exaggeration of the words are examined, as it intends to explain the function and behaviour of the code in the website. There are some of the acceptable functions are mentioned- below:
  • filterInput()
  • getElementById()
  • widgetFactory()

implementing certain static variables for the designing pattern.  For private modifier, underscore is used for the first character of the implemented method.

  • Constants: the constant in the coding covers the both underscores and alphanumeric constant.  Numbers can be utilized for the constant names.  For example: EMBED_SUPPRESS_EMBED_EXCEPTION is permitted but EMBED_SUPPRESSEMBEDEXCEPTION is not.

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