If we talk about web 2.0, it is simply the improved version of the World Wide Web. The major context of Web 2.0 is to improve the methods of information sharing. We can say that the concept of web 2.0 is highly focused on the web-oriented architecture, social web, and rich web applications. This technology has completely revolutionized the way web pages are designed and accessed by web visitors. It also has new functionality and features that were not present in the previous version. At present this technology is highly being adopted as it allows users to create a share, collaborate and communicate.

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With the introduction of web 2.0, the interaction of user-level has reached to the new platform. The websites running on the internet have become more interconnected and dynamic. These are some of the popular examples of features that are going be the part of web 2.0.

  • Wikis: This is the software application which enables users to create, link and edit pages efficiently. Websites like Wikipedia are a common example of this.
  • Social networking: There are many websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. where users can build their own profiles and interact with anyone they want.
  • Web applications: Another good example is web applications. This makes it easier for the users to run programs without any hassle, directly through web browsers.

The major features of Web 2.0?

  • Search functionality: With web 2.0 the users can find any kind of information. They just have to type the keyword. The information shown in the results is highly relevant and informative.
  • Best Extensions: Web 2.0 has enabled the web to function as an application platform. Moreover, it has also made it the warehouse of documents.
  • Linking: Another great thing about Web 2.0 is that it has innumerable applications. It makes it convenient for users to connect with the person who is living in another part of the world. We can say that communication has become a lot simpler now.
  • Authoring the content of the website – This new version Web 2.0 is also good for authorizing the web content. It enables you to create or update the content on the website according to the requirements.
  • Content Tagging: With this feature, there is no need to rely on the pre-made categories. You can search easily by adding a one-word description.

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