Search Engine Marketing Solutions

Often known by the names like “search marketing”, “SEM”, “managed search engine marketing services” Search Engine Marketing is a method by which businesses use search engines like Google, Bling to advertise their product and services. This can be done through organic methods like SEO and paid methods pay-per-clicks ads. Professional Search engine marketing solutions are provided by the experts of Qdexi Technology.

SEO services are the core of SEM services that helps generate traffic, brand awareness and revenue. Content marketing is another type of SEM service, that helps build brand awareness and revenue for the company providing people with the content like blog posts regarding the products of the company. Then comes the PPC services, that are hyper targeted paid ads across the internet. This search engine marketing is a must if you want to boost your sales.

Looking for professional search engine marketing solutions company that will help your business gain exposure in search engine results. Require search engine specialists that can properly set up, manage your search engine advertisement to reach the right people at right time. Qdexi Technology managed search engine marketing solutions is the right choice for anyone looking to increase their exposure and reach more customers via digital marketing.

Seven steps to make B2B Search Engine Marketing a success

Step-1 Define a Strategy: B2B and industrial companies dive into search engine marketing without coherent strategy. Don’t fall trap to it. Define your target audience, identify their needs highlighting how your product can serve those needs. Next, review your company’s position in the market and identify your top competitors. This strategy will lead to success of your search engine marketing campaign.

Step-2 Choose the Best Keyword Phrase: For search engine marketing, you have to select the most critical keyword phrase for your company. When choosing the keyword phrase, you have to be careful as the keyword should be relevant to your business, but also the one most used by your target customers. You can use keyword search tools provided by Google Ads, HubSpot, Moz etc. If you are looking for search engine optimization services, you can take help from the experts of Qdexi Technology.

Step-3 Optimize Your Site to Use These Keywords: Now you need to be sure that your B2B website is optimized with these phrases. The content added to the website of your company should skillfully contain the keywords to effectively market your company. Companies like Qdexi Technology provide content for your website in which the keyword phrases are intelligently embedded thus providing search engine marketing solutions.

Step-4 Attract Quality Links to Your Website: Search engines like Google, Bling will consider your website popular if the content of your website has more and more quality inbound links. These links have a dramatic effect on the search ranking. The first step is to make your content link-worthy. Good content attracts link, so fill your space with interesting and informative content. You can garner links from vendors business partners and customers. By these link building strategies you can dramatically affect your ranking on search engines.

Step-5 Paid Search Campaign: Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) offers compelling ROI driven marketing opportunity. In this PPC arrangement you don’t pay to be listed in the search results, you pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your B2B website providing compelling “pay for performance” mode of advertising.

Step-6 Using Google services for Quick Ranking: Google offers many services to quickly boost your ranking in the search results. You can create a Google My Business page to display your location, phone number, opening hours, respond to customer reviews and connect to the customers. All other search engine optimization services are provided by Qdexi Technology through its relevant and optimized content.

Step-7 Measure Success: To make sure, volume of targeted visitors continues to increase, you should monitor your ranking in the search results. Check your ranking on Google and Bling using the most popular keyword phrases to see how you are trending upwards in the top 10 list.


These are some of the steps to give exposure to your company in the search results and boost your business. These strategies help give success to your B2B Business. Qdexi Technology provides content to your website in the strategic keywords are intelligently put. These keywords help keep your company moving up in the search results. Qdexi Technology has experts who are SEO specialists and they know how to handle the content.