Happy Independence Day!

The Nation is all set to celebrate the great victory of the country. It is one of those days when patriotism can be seen in the air. This day is celebrated religiously throughout the country with great enthusiasm and zeal. On the 15th of August 1947, India was finally declared an independent nation. The Indian got freedom from the colonialism of Britishers and the reins of the control were handed over to the leaders of the countries. All the legislative powers were given to the Indian Constituent Assembly. It was the dawn of a new beginning for every Indian. To commemorate the day, this day is celebrated annually as the independence day of India.

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What’s The History Of Independence Day?

As you know that Independence day is one of the gazetted holidays of India. On this day, Indians pay tribute to the freedom fighters and the great leaders of the country who sacrificed their lives to attain the freedom from British Rulers. There is no doubt in the fact that Indians gained freedom after the fighting hard for it.

The British rule began in India in 1757. The English East India Company won the battle of Plassey and they gained control over the country. They ruled for more than 100 years and later it was replaced by the British Crown.

In reality, the independence movement began amid World War 1 and this movement was all driven by the Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. One of the great things about the Indian Freedom Movement is that all the freedom fighters advocated for the non-violent and peaceful ways to end the British Colonialism. The struggle done for attaining freedom was a long and tiresome one.

How Independence Day Is Celebrated In India?

The celebration of Independence day begins with the prime minster hosting the national flag. This flag-raising ceremony is held at the Red Fort which is the historic monument situated in the Old Delhi. A parade is ensued by the armed forces. The prime minister also gives the speech and address the accomplishments of the country. Moreover, flying kites have become the major tradition of Independence day. We can say that this festival demonstrates the patriotism and the respect people have for their country.

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