The website is the fundamental digital marketing avenue for the businesses. If it is bad then all your efforts could go in vain. You might have worked so hard on your website but sometimes there could be flaws that can ruin its performance. So, if you have been noticing your website traffic getting cold then there could be many possible reasons behind it. This is an alarming situation and you need hire website development services from the professionals to fix it especially when you are not aware of what is happening.

What are the Causes that Your Website is Driving Away Visitors?

Outdated Website Design: It is important to understand that the first impression is critical and powerful. If the first impression your website presents that it has never been updated since the very beginning then nobody will stick around. An outdated design can be the biggest cause of why your website is not in good ranks and why new visitors assume that your business is also outdated. It is always good to hire an expert team to fix the design of your website with inbound best methods in mind.

Not Having Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website: People love spending their time on mobile devices. A huge proportion of overall internet traffic comes from mobile devices and it could harmful to ignore mobile users. So, if your website is not friendly or responsive on devices other than a computer, then it simply means that it is pushing away potential customers. This is why you must ensure that your website is responsive across multiple devices. You can also hire responsive website development services from professionals for this.

Complicated Navigation: You should not provide users with too many options as it could confuse them in the central navigation. Acknowledge what requires to be promoted and what should be inside the page. Too many features could make it sloppy and your website would seem confusing to the new visitors. If your audience will not be able to find what they need, then they will move on to search anywhere else.

Poorly Formatted Content and Grammatical Errors: The content of the website should be optimized properly for the readers as well as search engines. It should be devoid of all the grammatical, spelling, and repetitive errors. For this, you have to perform a thorough inception of your website content. Poor and unstructured content with grammatical errors might seem annoying to users. It can also be one of the causes that drive away visitors from the website.

Website without Call-to-Action Buttons: There are possibilities that your targeted persona who has landed on your page might initiate some action and for that, you need call-to-action buttons. They might not know where they will divert next but actions are something that takes them to the sales funnel. So, if your website does not have clear call-to-action buttons or they are poorly placed then make sure that you are fixing them immediately.

A Brief about Qdexi Technology

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