Google analytics provides the access to the unlimited actionable insights. When you are looking for the advanced ways to make efficient use of marketing data, Google analytics insights is best to use. The valuable insights can help you indentify the loopholes in your strategies so that you can grab opportunities for the better optimization of the overall performance of your website. You can take SEO services in USA for gaining better ranking results.

Whether you want engagement metric insights, conversion metrics, or something more, there is no lack of information to be attained from Google Analytics. This is not surprising fact at all that Google Analytics is one powerful tool that allows you to extract valuable insights to pull the levers of SEO.

What SEO Insights Can Be Learned from Google Analytics?

Custom Segments:- Custom segments have always been the central Google Analytics feature that allows you to observe your demographics, site traffic, and the actions of visitors who have completed determined goals. These segments can be building using any aspect of the user data. This includes time spent on the website, visits to the pages, the users who have achieved certain goals, etc. With the help of custom segments you can learn a lot about the actions of the users on the website.

Monitoring Mobile Traffic:- As we all know that mobile traffic is consistently growing its significance. Just monitoring mobile traffic on the website is not enough. You must monitor the engagement levels of mobile visitors. There are few methods to do that and they are as follows:

  • Check the mobile conversions at the different individual page level.
  • Keep an eye on mobile bounce rate.
  • Compare both the desktop and mobile bounce rate metrics.

Use Conversions for Top Performing Pages:- Another major thing in SEO is to measure the individual performance of the pages using conversions. You must check negative trends for every page. When there is negative impact across the multiple pages then this might be the sign that something is wrong on your website. To fix it immediately you can take digital marketing services in USA from the professionals.

Evaluate Site Search:- If your website has search bar it would be beneficial to focus on it. This would provide you with immense opportunities to know what exactly users are looking for. Google analytics provide insights into what users are searching. You can even gain accurate number of users that are performing search. These insights can be used for extracting powerful content ideas.

Bounce Rate for Good Pointers:- Bounce rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors who are coming to your website and they move away after just viewing your page. The higher bounce rate clearly means that your website lacks something that is driving away the customers. This is also the indication that users haven’t found the thing they have been looking for on your website.

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