The number of mobile users has increased a lot lately. Now there are more mobile users than desktop and laptop users. This is why having a responsive website that works smoothly across various devices has become important than ever. With responsive web design services deliver seamless and unique experience to the users.

Do you know that your website design is more critical for the conversions than you think? You might have implemented the strong conversion-boost tactics but if your website design is good for nothing then you might not get the results you have been hoping for.

Businesses without a responsive website are falling behind at a startling rate. Do you know that 8 in 10 visitors do not engage with a website that doesn’t perform well on their device? Even search engines have made responsive web design a critical factor that determines the ranking of the website in search results.

This blog will introduce you to some of the distinguished web design principles that you need to follow for delivering the unique user experience.

What are the Important Principles of Responsive Web Design?

The Website Should Be Responsive Not Adaptive: There is very huge difference between responsive and adaptive website design. The adaptive website design takes more time to load and it doesn’t respond as smoothly as responsive website design. Responsive websites are the ones that are capable to adapt to different screen sizes, resolutions, mobile, tablet etc.

The Website Design Should Be Light: The loading time of the website is critical for both the users and the search engines. The responsive websites should load quickly for the users. So, you must ensure that your website design does not comprise extra elements, unnecessary codes, fonts, and images. You can take web designing services from the professionals to boost the loading time of your website.

The Navigation Should Be Responsive: The users hate getting lost on the website. Navigation of the website plays a critical role as it enables users to visit different parts of the website. This means that the navigation of your website should be responsive and simple for the users so that they can visit through any part without any complications.

The website should not be responsive for mobile devices only: Responsive website designs work well for all kinds of devices. These are not developed solely for mobile users. The responsive design means that your website should respond well across tablets, pads, gaming consoles, laptops, and other computerized gadgets. Make sure you are testing your website design on all of them. However, if you want mobile-friendly website then you can take responsive website development services from professionals.

The Website Should be Designed for Thumbs: The users using different devices should be able to access your website without any complications. The mobile users access their devices with thumbs and fingers which mean that your website should be designed according to the elements of mobile UI.

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