Every year, we witness new web designing solutions and trends that emerged to make the plan looking websites more attractive and interesting. While it is not necessary to add every single web design trends to your business website but adding some of them can actually improve the functionality and customer experience. But with so many available options in the market, it is always difficult to come up with the best solution. To help you with this, we have prepared the list of 4 website design trends a modern website should have to grab the attention of the audience.

4 Website Design Features That can Add Value in Business Website

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  • Responsive designs

    A responsive design is a type of website designs that changes according to the type and the size of the screen it is running upon. Having a responsive website design is crucial as the mobile devices dominate a large portion of online searches. This means there are simply more people who are reaching your website through their mobile devices. So, if your website is not ideal for mobile customers then, you may have a hard time keeping your customers.

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  • Typography

    The visitor makes a strong opinion after spending the first few minutes on a website. The text arrangement plays an important role in the overall look of the website. In the past few years’ web designers come up with typography – an art to arrange etxts available on your web page to make it more appealing. It process involves selecting various typefaces that sit well with your website design elements.

    The typography drops a hint to customers telling them who you are. You can choose from serious or fun, non-functional or functional fonts but regardless of what font you choose make sure to consult with Qdexi Technology. They will tell you which fonts will be supported by common web browsers but if the fonts are not supported by the browsers, your website will be displayed awkwardly on the devices.

  • Micro-interactions

    You must have some knowledge about the pop-up ads as it is one of the most annoying ways of advertisement. But if utilized properly pop-up ads can actually enhance visitor’s experience. Just like pop-up ads, the micro-interactions contains interactions that could be triggered from the visitor’s side. A great example of micro-interactions design is the chat-box that pops up when someone visits the website. This could enhance the visitor’s experience and chances of him working with the company.

  • Video Backgrounds

    The last but not least on the list of website design features are video backgrounds. This is personally my favourite because every single time I visit a website with video backgrounds my whole attention is focused on the video playing in the background. Sometimes, it used to tell success stories, product information and making it easier to understand the whole point of building a website.

    Along with spreading information, it reduces the overall content requires on the web pages. In addition, the human brain can proceed visual content 60000 times faster than text information.

Qdexi Technology offers effective website designing service to make your website more eye-catching as well as increase the user experience. The website has a team of experienced web designers who are not helping you to find the best designing solution but provide you a free consultant for the beginning.