Looking a better strategy to generate more leads for your business? If used correctly social media could become a golden opportunity for your campaign. But right before we jump on the social media marketing strategies, you must know the proper definition of leads. In general words, leads refer to the customers who have shown some interest in your products and services. You can directly pass down the leads to the sales team who will pick up from there. Now, why do you think many companies or if count yourself in are heading toward the social media optimization service? According to the survey, 90 per cent of people does not respond to the cold calling. However, 70 per cent are interested in pursuing the conversation on the social media sites.

Without the proper sales leads, no company can survive in the market. If your current strategy is failing to deliver required leads, then, it is time to move toward social media with reliable strategy.

How to Create a Successful Lead Generation Strategy for Social Media

Lead Generation Strategy for social media

Start with Sharing Links to Gated Content

As you can already figure out from the term “gated content” it is a content hidden behind the virtual link.  If you are new to social media marketing then, you can start with it. If the shared content is informative and meets the expectation of the readers then, they will surely leave the personal information like email ID for more updates.

When using strategy with the social media, you can promote the informative content by sharing the links pointing toward the content.

Organic and Paid Advertisement

There are two ways to advertise on social media websites, first is the organic way where you promote your brand through content posting, link building, directories, writing tweets, and commenting. The organic advertising work better on Twitter and LinkedIn in compared to Facebook. You don’t have to pay anything to go organic but you will miss some advantages like:

  • Audience targeting
  • Increase your marketing reach
  • CTA options on some platforms

For a lead generation, the above service is important. If you want better and fast results then, you can go with the paid SMO service. You can go with Facebook if you to target some specific locations and if want to go after the people with specific jobs then, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for you.

Pick Up the Leads Through the Social Media

Do you know how to catch leads? Well, this is what you are going to learn today. The need of leads differs from one person to another. Some people look for tactics to increase sales while others look to gain more followers. There are several ways to gain leads through social media including:

  • Sharing links to gated content
  • Targeting specific location or individual
  • Promoting the brand through inbound links

Apart from these social media lead generation strategy, you can go with the social media advertising, Facebook custom tabs, geo-targeted search for your business campaign. Qdexi Technology offers an affordable and efficient lead generation campaign services to clients who want to generate leads through social media websites.