Good news to the Google followers! Ohh I think we all are on the list of the Google followers and will be affected by this news. Google has finally decided to launch a new series of updates in a few weeks. Along with this new updates the Google has taken some hard decision to remove some features from the search engines. The question that arises here is how these new updates are going to affect the online businesses and their search engine optimization strategies? Well, we couldn’t say anything at the moment but as Google announced this update in search console will bring the change in the reporting.

According to the Google “verified users in the Google search console will be able to access to AMP status, index coverage, search performance, and job posting” They further announced that “report you will generate after the update in coming weeks will increase the transparency in the Google indexing.

The new and strong two-way communication among the website owners and Google will help to resolve the issues faster than before and create a responsive user-interference”. Let’s get into the details to find more information on the new features.

What are the New Features in the Search Console?


As per the Google, the following features will be implemented into the search console to the end of the March 2019.

  • Crawl error in the search console

In order to make the list of crawl errors more actionable, search console has shifted the focus toward the patterns and issues used for the website indexing. The SEO experts believe that after moving the crawl error section to the index coverage report, owners will be able to find and fix the issues in a much faster approach.

  • Search performance report in the console

What is new in the search performance report? Well, compared to the data analytics report, the search performance report will provide total 16 months of data in the report. The new search performance report will allow users to see the impressions, clicks, CTR, Average position, and more.  It will also allow them to purify the search result by visitor search, image, video and divide the result according to the device type, query, page, and country.  Google indicates that this service will be available at the end of March.

  • Sitemap data in the index coverage report 

With the update, the index coverage will become the new home of the sitemap data. What is the purpose to bring the change? The Google says that it will it easier for the visitors to focus on the website URL. In addition, the verified users will be able to track the URL submission by selecting and filtering the data from the index coverage report.

  • Index coverage report 

The new index coverage report is not so different from the previous index status report. Similarly, it will show how well the Google is indexing your website the only difference here is it will properly index the URLs and gives warning about the emerging indexing issues.

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After the launch, the Google is looking ahead to receive the feedback from the SEO consultants about the new features. In case if you require more details about the new update then, you can visit Qdexi Technology. They have a team of experienced SEO experts who offer professional search engine optimization services at an affordable price. They will resolve your query in no time.