Why Elon Musk Twitter love is on peak suddenly? as it is stated that Twitter is a smaller number of active people among all social media. As per the most popular social media networks worldwide as of January 2022, the active user of Twitter is actually 436 million whereas Facebook and Instagram have more than 1500 million users as of now.

The reason why Twitter is still in the news is that Twitter is the only place that is actually the place for world leaders as well as media houses. Twitter is basically an official house for the most powerful leader and billionaires. This is the reason why Twitter is known for its authenticity. It is more like quality over quantity. As per reports, Elon musk stated he believe Twitter is the best among all of social media platform and freedom of speech.

Initially, Elon musk buys a 9.2% stake in Twitter and became the highest stakeholder on Twitter but Twitter officials were actually not making him sit on boards. So, he offered now 44 billion $ for a 100% stake in Twitter, but as many people don’t know the huge number of shares held by the Dubai billionaires. Now Elon musk’s Twitter stake is 100% of $44 billion dollar

 Elon Musk Twitter Acquisition Reasons

Freedom Of Speech – Freedom of speech is a major concern nowadays Elon Musk, Twitter’s former CEO jack Dorsey, stated that Twitter is only promoting the left-wing ideology and they take action against right-wingers whether they are from any country. Elon Musk said that he is a free speech absolutist adding to this he said he wanted everyone to be on the same page whether they are from the right-wing left-wing or centrist, everyone should be given equal rights. You cannot win an argument by blocking someone on Twitter.

Manipulating Bitcoin and Doge-coin– Many instances are the there related to the market manipulation by Elon Musk.  He initially manipulated bitcoin and doge-coin with his single tweet. He made a huge profit by tweeting about dogecoin, similarly, he also crashed the bitcoin by 10% after his tweet on environmental hazards by using bitcoin for tesla.

Making Profit By Owning Twitter- Elon musk 24 march buy shares and tweeted about an edit button poll after this amateur investor curiously started buying shares and undoubtedly, he actually made $700 million in just one day by again manipulating twitter. As per US officials, Elon Musk needs to have Approval from SEC because of his tweet’s influence on people.

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