Paul Prudhomme – the famous cuisine chef once said: “you don’t need to use a silver fork to eat the good food”. In this digital era, when everything is migrating on the digital platform, nearly half of the small restaurants don’t have the much needed online presence. If you are working on the online presence of your website, then you may need a small help from digital marketing consultants to plan the strategy.

While it is great to post pictures, videos, and blogs about your small restaurant on the social media platforms but without a strategy, it is the waste of time and energy with little or no return. If you are new to the digital marketing world, then you might need some help to explore around. Start with this post that contains top strategies to make sure you are receiving the return from your post.

Strategies That Can Turn Your Clicks into Orders

Strategies that can turn your clicks into orders

  • Focus on Search Engine Platforms

With the easy availability of smartphones and the internet, the customers visit the search engine on the first priority to find nearby restaurants. So, considering the fact that 90% of the online customers come from the first page of search engine result, you need a plan to land on it. But how would you do it? With target keywords but to rank higher, you need to think beyond keywords, you need to think locally.

The local search engine marketing will push your website up when someone searches for the food keywords related to your services. For example, someone wants to eat tacos in Washington, DC. So, generally, he would add the local term. By using local food terms like “Tacos in Washington, DC”, you can target the local customer and hit the big time.

  • Be smart with social media

If you have ever logged into Instagram, then you may realise why food porn is so popular among social media visitors. The platform has a separate search column entirely dedicated to the food and quick recipes. So, if you are not on social media, you are surely losing a big chunk of opportunities available out there.

“What if my restaurant is already on the Instagram?” or “How am I going to stand out?”. Lots of restaurant posts images and videos on the regular so how will you set yourself apart from the crowd? A restaurant needs to hire social media advertising services to plan its move on social platforms. Never forget – social media gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand to the world. So, try to make the best out of it. Put short videos of your staff cooking finger-licking dishes during the dinner rush. In the early morning treat them some images of the fresh ingredients you have received for the lunch. Welcome feedback with open arms. Ask what your customers like and upload the video accordingly.

  • Start loyalty program

Partnering up with online food service applications would be definitely a profitable step for your small business. It would encourage your customers to check your restaurant through the loyalty programs, discount offers and more. These programs work like a magnet for hungry customers and they order without hesitation.

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