It’s been a long time since personalization is considered the most important trend in the eCommerce industry. The eCommerce websites are being revoked by variants to technologies. These diversifications have compelled online store owners to take the support of eCommerce development services.

We all know that eCommerce is consistently growing competition and challenges for the brands. Though eCommerce strategizing has always been focused on increasing conversions, still some things need to be addressed at top priority. Nowadays, the quality of the personalized shopping experience is highly pertinent.

In this blog, I will explain everything about eCommerce personalization and how it should be reinvented in 2020 to deliver the best experience to the online shoppers. But before that take a look at the important statistics you should know about eCommerce personalization.

  • 59% of online customers states that it is simpler to find products on the e-commerce website with a personalized experience.
  • 53% of online shoppers state that they prefer revisiting websites where they have valuable service and personalize the shopping experience.
  • 45% of customers appreciate e-commerce websites where they get personalized product recommendations.

Understanding eCommerce Personalization

The eCommerce personalization is simply an approach for delivering exceptional shopping experience to the customers. It involves tactics that dynamically display preferred content and product recommendation in front of the users. The personalization is driven by analyzing the previous actions, purchase history, browsing behavior, and other important demographics. This has become extremely important on the eCommerce websites for driving sales and increasing conversions. You can hire magento development services in USA from professionals to enhance personalization in your store.

Ways to Reinvent eCommerce Personalization

Customized and Shoppable Social Media Feed: Most of the customers prefer using mobile devices to access anything on the internet. Social media channels are the most common places where most of your customers can be. This fact can be used to benefit your eCommerce business. The brands have already started using social media platforms to add shoppable posts, web links, tags, featured images to gain retention. This personalization technology has delivered positive results.

Personalize Shopping Experience on Website: In order to make your customers’ shopping experience hassle-free, personalization is the key. You can win customer loyalty and increase engagement, by serving them exactly what they want. This can be possible with the help of personalized marketing automation tools. You can remodel your marketing campaigns or ask eCommerce website development service agent to assist you with this.

Use Personalized Survey and Elements: By using interactive content that is hard to resist you can gain as much information as you want about the preferences of the customers. Do not forget to add the microinteraction buttons on the website such as like, share, add to cart, wishlist, etc. All these things are valuable for eCommerce websites.

Personalized Product Recommendations: Personalized recommendations can increase conversions by 320%. The companies are using a prominent recommendation system in their websites to acquire insights into customer profiles and their product preferences. Later these data analytics can be used to put forward the most suitable product in front of the customers.

Parting Thoughts

There is a lot more information about the personalization of eCommerce websites. The further it goes the harder it gets. Why not hire experts to manage everything for you?

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